Award Ceremony

I almost forgot I went for this until I read sw's blog.
Okay yes we met there.
Everything ended in less than an hour.

Btw, this would be the last time we go for this thing right?
And I don't think I'm under the same GRC as sw (never seen her before in my whole entire life).

Did some painting after shedding 2kg of shit away.
Haven't painted the walls yet... just the door frame.

Obviously I've to wait for my dad to grab pink paint back. xo.

Tomorrow will be the first day of work.
Really at a lost now. What should I bring? What should I wear? Can I make friends? Will I be helpful? Will the train break down? Can I even wake up? If I do, what time should it be?

Billions of questions..... Let's not think anymore.
Load 1 more ep of you're beautiful, paint a new coat of nail polish, pack a little and head to bed. Time to have an early night after xyz years.
Wish me luck.

Visit me also can ^^ Lunch/after work.

Even the air between us is suffocating.