You are the apple of my eye

Yesterday after the papers, the few of us went to catch:

You are the apple of my eye

Chinese movie... I can't remember when was the last time I watched a Chinese movie... Wait, I don't know when was the last time I stepped into a cinema.... Harry Potter? Hahaaaa.

Finally caught the movie with someone I know from primary school! Technically speaking. ^^
Was a good experience (hahah). Hopefully there's more of such sessions.

The movie wasn't what I expected, seriously. I thought it'd be something similar to "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Blogged about it here. In my opinion, the latter is so much nicer. True blue teenage love story. Perhaps I like the ending more. Can't get over the fact the girl in the apple of my eye married an old man. Hai.

By the way, I thought I would love to share this. The peeps that went for the movie were yq, zz, yc, tim, ky and I! Pretty weird combination! Guess kai was pretty bored because we stood outside Uniqlo discussing about our horrid experiences with roaches and such.... Such an interesting topic.

Waited for the two to finish eating before parting. 

And walked home with yc! So nice to have someone staying at the "other" side of woodlands.... 
I am nice too because I waited for the bus to come. 
Very nice talking to yc. 

Summed the day with a couple of ep of "My girlfriend is a gumiho". 

Can't wait to catch another ep today after my sis comes home. It's a family thing. :D
Meanwhile, let me do some physics for consultation tomorrow. xoxo.
And blog about some random stuff I found today while packing my stuff (again). P6 ugly like lard pictures. So interesting ^^