What's your wish tonight?

Not feeling too well today.... Made some rice and took really long to finish it up. Now, I've to clean the mess in the kitchen up and wash the dishes before I start my revision for Econs.... Two more major papers, all the best people! ^^

Anyhow, would love a round of L4D. I know it's super bad to play such a game now, might vomit but a game will be shorter than 10 minutes. I die really easily hahahaaaa.

I really love the picture above. It is something my dad gave me when I was a kid. Very very pretty.
And this is officially the best photo I've taken with my new phone. Come to think of it, I've not really utilised the improved camera function. I only used it to snap portions of my work or things I don't understand to send it to the peeps.

If you happen to see the nuffnang blog award ad, do blog for your favourite bloggers! Wellllll, I'm only voting for two of them. Do I really need to spell it out? ^^ Vote for them too! ^^