To those who read this

You don't know how much I appreciate having you here, reading my endless rants and weird fetishes hahah. Especially to those who have been reading since jielinnnx33 started. The journey was tough but it was all worthwhile.

This little space not only serves as a platform for redundant daily bland events, it also functions as my best listening ear.

Anything, everything (well, almost), it can be here.

So comfortable just like my maomaoo. My 18years' companion. Can fight already.

Alright, i know i love to side-track. Let me continue.

Again, I couldn't emphasise how much writing online means to me. It is a place where I am entitled to blabber non-stop and most viewers would go through all my feelings, thoughts, laughter or memorable events when they read my post.

I would continue to blog and hopefully with better English to please your eyes. Well, agree with me some of my stupid spelling mistakes or grammar errors made you laugh? ^^

I would not, probably, give up this platform and I hope you wouldn't as well. Working hard to write better and more interesting post. Stay tuned my love.

Just Warm fuzzy feeling, heartfelt thanks and tons of love I gathered at 2.14am. Cool ^^