Pure happiness

Today, I am just super duper happy. Been tweeting about it non-stop and I've to change a space to say the same thing. Loll.

In case people got bored and pissed.

Okay can now I've to say, zhen Kai xin!
Like, really happy.

Idk when I'm THIS happy in the past but whatever. I am now so everything is fine. Good. Excellent.

True much, you will only get rainbow after a little rain.

It's pretty insignificant but you don't know how much it brings to me.
:D amazing how someone can control how you feel, so intense so much.

Can't mold them into exact words but I'm just... :3

So damn hopeful about the future. I hope someone out there feels the exact same thing too.

To the rest of the folks:
Go on, make someone happy today. You will get back double of what you gave.
Good luck. ^^