Pool with peepos

First, went for an interview with kristykang.
I really kinda like the job but can survive without it. After all, there will be others (but more boring) temporary positions available.

But I kind of bothered what kind of make-up, hairstyle to do. Even went to bubz's channel to look for her tutorial. 

I like how I part my fringe but obviously it is not very well-favoured. Hahaaaa! I think cute because you can see my full fat face!

Not that bad right?!

Wanna see something worse?
I damn nice. Cropped my friend away. 
I look like da chang jin (the uglier version).

Actually not much difference? I scared if I center-part too much I will degenerate back to the same old me. Noooooooo~ P6 trauma.

Tim said I kinda look like a Japanese doll. Don't know his real intention though. Hurhur 3 hidden messages from him in the short 2 hours or so meet-up.
But not bad, evolved from Vietnam > Indonesia Chinese > Thailand > Japan 

My identity is forever complicated. Really love those that know I'm a local Chinese. Good taste folks. ^^

Back to the interview part. The building we were supposed to go to is actually right beside the station. Butz, the two forever-lost souls took 40 minutes to reach. I mean, google maps, you need to be more accurate. Walk all the way to Science Center.

Came back to Woodlands not long after and this was the first time I saw SL. (infer on your own).
And wtf moment was I had eye contact with him for like 2 seconds. No la, I was just staring into space when he walked towards me. I wonder how many people really agree to be "scouted".

Went home for dinner and redid my make-up. Horrendous. Used only make-up base but it's all cakey and fugly.

I'm disappointed make-up base! >:(

Anyhow, tried new brow pencil (in brown). Guess my brows are either too black or too stubborn. Refuse to take the colour. Also tried the new blusher! 3 colours. Very cute. ^^

No lens. Look pretty weird but well well.
Trying to open my eyes to its maximum potential already don't force me anymore. :(

Headed to meet the peeps and went for pool at Woodlands Checkpoint. 2nd level above Mac.

Yq was pretty good. ^^ The guys ain't worth mentioning because they're just born good in such things. I think.

Yours truly? Can't get any better badder. I know, poor English here but I kinda wanna make it rhythm hhahah!

Did make a couple of accidental nice shots but heya, needs improvement.
If only that place is a tad less complicated, I would go and play on my own. Like, 45 minutes for a game...? You want? This is probably one of the sports (because I was sweating like hell while playing) I like.

Still training very hard for L4D. My noob shooting skills ain't helping the team AT ALL.
This is the reason why I don't play sports/team games/anything that probably require skills. I just can't master anything. My life is sad like this.

Meh I'm probably good at being retarded, dragging people down, making people upset and over-relying on my people. *sad, guilty face here please*

Nah, not emo or what. Just saying. 

Here are some photos I took with the peeps!




Don't know why he open his eyes so big. Probably trying to show off. 

1 more!

Didn't take with yl because he was with Joseph at the end of the day. Hahaaaa damn weird to like "aaaaa yl take pic!" in front of someone I'm not very familiar with *shy* hahaha ^^

Was trying to rush the posts because I've a few hundred photos to like rotate/filter. HOW CAN I FINISH IT?! Lazy to photoshop already just see the ugly me. 

Btw, went with my new heels. Like literally bought-1-hour-ago.

Not bad. Gave me little cuts but I forgive you, cute little thing!

I'm probably going to torture myself and walk on those things in preparation for the workforce. Probably gonna work as some admin assistant or what. 

And of course, master walking in god-damn-high heels someday. I will. Jiayou. 
Didn't managed to play Arcade too. Haiz.I will. Jiayou!