Phua Yue Yue

Start off with an unglam photo. Well,

Kinda look like......

The big round thing looks like sw. Ikr. HAHAAA.

Anyhow, this is totally not the point.
Let me begin with...

You're the last girl that joins the 18 year old lao ren gang. Never mind.
I hope you have a blast. Like from studying physics/chem MCQs. ^^

Time flies. It has been two years!
I really love you and the girls but sometimes it is really hard to divide my time and attention between my pile of dearests, other important people, family, school, life, personal boliao stuff, love, work, family, tv, the Internet...

Just wanna let you know (again) ni men shi hen zhong yao de ren. 
I will never forget how much we shared, and will be sharing in the future. The last thing I want to do is lose contact with you! ^^

Anyway ice prince. Stay happy. Fine young lady. Hohohoo I'm speaking likea English man. 

Forever cute like me also can ^^ 

Put one of your very cute photos here.
aww my cutiepies :3

Behold. Your celebration will be mad good too! WAIT FOR IT ^^

Motherly yue happy birthday. 

Below for POTD