My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho!

Pretty much hooked to this show. So glad I watched it together when my family was running the first ep.

It's really nice and I'm on the 11th ep. So that means 5 more to the end. Nooooooo. :(

My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho

The weirdest thing is I think Lee Seung Gi is cute! ^^ It's pretty surprising because even bbg was surprised.

Because she thought I would like someone like the one on the right, No Min Woo
Yes la he is perfect; Intense brows, sharp nose and strong jawline. Butz hehehe I'm weird like that.

Maybe he is just too perfect everything doesn't feel real enough.
Super nice features I swear.

But still hehehe.

Really love this song. It's like Happy. I like. This is the third Korean song in my play list. 
When I say a non-English/Chinese speaking show/song is nice, it really is. 
It takes really a lot of effort to make me go crazy over a show. 
Most of the dramas I'm "obsessed" with die after a while.
This will probably linger for quite a while. ^^

Let me watch ep 12 now. 
Go listen go watch too!