I know right! Told ya I will come home and blog but that post ended up empty for the past few days.... Sorry.

I'd hand you the knife now... :(
Actually, you don't have to stab me because I'm stabbing myself constantly. Today... I did nothing.
Come on jl! Work!

:(:(:( panicking right now I'm going to work my ass off after this post.
Watched 2 movies (share next time) and many trailers hahaha. Not forgetting reading interesting things and eating non-stop. Okay my whole body is expanding I need to stop stuffing myself food... Though I can't deny that makes my sucky life better.

Been staying in air-con room almost 24/7. My skin is crazily dry and lips is chapped. beautiful. NOT. My butt hurts from sitting on the chair (watching movie) lol. I'm currently cushioning it using an old pillow. Better but still... :/

Alright, I shall proceed to memorise ALL the Chem I need to. ORGANIC, INORGANIC AND PHYSICAL... It seems like Zero information resides in my brain... :( boo. Alright, I'm going to let Bloody things infesting my brain... Not cute but what to do? Hahahha speaking of bloody I can't help but relate to the sector 7(trailer I watched) and zombie of the land... I can't remember la hahaha but it wasnt that bad.

Best of luck to like-minded people memorising, no, stuffing Chem into their memory today. Xoxo

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