Making choices suck

I'm really bad at it. No joke. Especially colours. When I see something I want, choosing between colours is almost suffocating. Especially when both of them look very pretty.

When it comes to clothes, whatevs a little more colour wouldn't die. But when it comes to something permanent or semi-permanent, I CANNOT DECIDE. They look, they pick, they go. Me? I took hell long to decide. And most of the time, I just drop the idea...

So...... I might as well leave the deciding job to you?! ^^ i would probably let you decide how my most important things look.

1. Hair
I know. I wanna have a shot too. Im a die-hard fan of my black hair (hahaha). Tried some dark oak which doesn't even show every much.

Since the holidays are pretty much approaching, I've to decide soon. Don't wanna sit in the salon deciding.....

Colours you can choose:
1. Purple
Dont be stunned or what. I think purple hair will look really good with black. That is when it fades and all. Plan for the future.

2. Dark brown
I really don't like light brown or bright brown because I might look like an ahlian. So a little brownish looking hair will do.

FYI, sometimes my hair looked purple in sunlight... But that was really long ago. When my hair was dry and damaged. Then, the ends are like brown because it was too, damaged.

Damaged hair comes in different colours. My sis's hair used to be red. So if your hair is fading or changing colours from your natural colour right, don't be too happy. There might be something wrong with your diet or your hair.

Now, my hair got darker, blacker. The colour has been intensifying and I've almost zero split ends. This is an achievement considering how old my ends are. Not much thinning hair as well. Would share the new shampoo and treatment im using soon. ^^

Omg let me move on, leave the hair issue alone first.

2. My walls
I went to check the colours and the design of my living space before A levels. Do excited to do it. Going for a darker colour this time round for my living room.

You know, for the past 18 years, I don't really care how the colours looked, how everything falls together. Everything is settled by my dad. Explains ugly. Hahahha time for a make over.

So choose between
1. Dark purple
2. Dark red
3. Dark grey
4. Turquoise

The last one is a bit... Bright. But it'd look really good? It is in my imagination 😊

Maybe I should ask yc to get the paint. So much cheaper I can triple layer the colours you know? Hahaaaa but that is if I'm going to buy 20 buckets or what.....

What do I do with the leftovers? Paint the house in Malaysia? O.o then I've to probably stay in Malaysia for a month...... Sorry the snail nature is inborn. :(

Cast your choice and send them to me :) love you cute people!

One thing you dont have decide for me is my room colour.