Review: Opal 1-Minute Hair Spa Treatment


If you were to ask me which body part (or feature etc) I like the most, I would most probably tell you, my hair. I love my hair a lot and try my very best to maintain its shine. That means literally no heating, be it blow-drying to rebonding and condition it as many times as possible.

Side note: I did straighten my hair/rebonded before and blowdry but they are not done on regular basis. I guess it is pretty alright?

I believe everyone here would agree with me healthy-looking hair is a very attractive feature. Well, if you think otherwise, check glossy-looking locks now!

Let's start with a hit! ^^

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Opal  1-Minute Hair Spa Treatment (Regular Care)
What: Hair Treatment
Size: 225ml / 320ml
Good for: Dry hair, damaged hair, rebond/perm hair
Price: $8.90 / $12
Where to get it: Qoo10 (or better known as Gmarket)


Stars: ★★★★☆ 


bigger(but more pricey) than Essentials Hair Treatment

Stars: ★★★★☆ 


Stars: ★★★★☆ 

Easy to use

I hate tub type because I find it is troublesome to use and a tad unhygienic. Tube ones are definitely a plus.

Stars: ★★★★ 

(iPhone quality pictures can't capture the shine. This is the best I can get!)

1Shiny, healthy hair.

Not to forget how soft it feels

Stars: ★★★★ 

2. Byebye split ends

Managing a hair than it nearly half my height. AHEM is not that easy. My ends are literally years old. 
Before switching to this (and another hair treatment), I've crazy amount of split ends. 
Now I do see them once in a while but that's fine!

Majority of my ends look like this now! ^^
PS for the fat leg in the background

Stars: ★★★★ 

3. Darker hair

You might not really understand why this is a pro but it is. My hair is naturally darker in shade and has been losing its glory. This is especially for my ends. (thinning hair). Now, healthier hair = less thinning hair = darker. 
Totally covering the dark oak I did a couple of months back but meh. Nobody said I can't wash my hair after dyeing. 

Stars: ★★★★ 

4. Less hair fall

Don't know why as well. But really noticable less hair fall.

Stars: ★★★★ 


Been soooooooo lazy to use any form of treatments because you have to leave it on for a while. But this, 1 minute and you're out of the shower

Stars: ★★★★ 

Hair Manageability 

Comparing with Essentials, this is not as good as it doesn't leave my hair tangle-free. Essentials does! I do experience some tangles in my hair when I use this but you just have to finger brush through your hair to loosen them up. No big deal.

Stars: ★★★ 

The Verdict

I personally prefer the Intensive care version (smells so good) but I am pretty satisfied with Regular Care. Probably keep it in my list of favourites but will not repurchase anytime soon. You know, I wanna try other products.

My Ratings: 7/10
Repurchase: Maybe