Fight the battle my dear

Ya la ya la it's me la no need to force me to spell it out so explicitly right?

Need to learn how to hide things better.

Anyhow, am I ready? Keep mixing up the trends (fml) and super noob in many questions.

Going to mug for another 2 hours (to finalise my inorganic and physical Chem concepts) before heading to bed.

Dear god, please hear my prayers.
(ps, now the whole religion and technology thing make sense)

Let me just elaborate a little. Was going through this essay plan with GP teacher and she was like 'there is a reason why religion is still here despite all the revolutions. Religions don't solely provide explanations and facts for things in life.. It is more of a spiritual and mental aid; a why instead of how; a moral guide; a faith and a tingle of hope'

Meh. Understood.
*i see light*

GP makes me a more informed being.
I love it as a subject(ikr) but not as a testing tool.

In fact, I love studying but all the examations are slowing eroding away the purpose of education. The joy of knowledge, in another word.

It is just frustrating as society sees grades as the epitome of capability of a human being. But well, this is no longer a choice; it is a reality everyone has to accept- whether they like it or not. It is a social phenomenon that has engulfed the human population. As a member of this globe, what can I do other than compiling to this set of 'standards'?

Alright, I shall stop ranting.

Ps, sounds like GP essay. With broken English yada. Open to correction btw. Comment box below. Help me Wednesday is the scary monster GP.


Strive and do very well alright my cute little people! Jia you