Changi Airport - ViviD

The plan was to meet the peeps for LJS breakie before heading to Changi Airport to uhm study?

But to a girl who slept at 4am, waking up at 7am to prepare is impossible. So unless you think you're mad super duper ultra important or the event is, you wouldn't see me out of bed with only 3 hours of sleep. Well well, sleep is the priority. Maybe food too. No la, I wouldn't give them out for anyone. I don't think so.

So don't feel super sad if I'm late. :( NOT THAT YOU'RE NOT IMPORTANT OK LAZINESS IS INHERENT. For morning events, please force me to bed as early as possible.

So met the peeps and took 858 to Changi Airport.

Something really bad happened. :( Kai forgot his ipod on the bus. :(:(:( Really bad day for him.... :(:(:( People who picked it up, PLEASE RETURN CAN?

Don't feel too sad please. good things will follow after all this.

Anyway, back to Changi Airport.

Effect: Gradient Map

Had some food here and there. ^^ Played a round of Monopoly deal and noob shimei won!

The whole point this journey was actually.... to wait for ViviD of something. :x Not my type of band but it was an awesome experience.

Kai left and we studied a little.

Group photo!

Me forever not photo ready :(

Kai. ^^ Whose shades is better on him hehehe

Effect: Film grain, Levels

Food we had:

Burger King Chocolate Cake ($2.95)

L-R: Mee Pok Dry, Dong Fen ($4 each)
Craving for Dong Fen but not very nice! :(

Ya Kun Toast Set (forgot the price)

Bus home. The waiting time is just horrible. 40 minutes for a bus! But god bless us; we got a seat :D

A long day but nothing much to write. Dead tired by the end of the day.

Pretty much no link but, I gonna stop relying on people.