1 subject over

I guess many will be pretty pleased with GP today. It was in fact manageable. So glad.

This is the first AQ and essay I wrote with 2 complete points. Meh least of all. I'm seriously pretty worried for my p1 as I think the two points are pretty similar? One is on possible other problems and the other is on the type of industry they focus on. Did a really short para on technology but haven't had time to rebut that point... Hais Cambridge please don't say my scope not enough ok I did my best to expand as much as possible. (though both on economic points, really cannot think of social or what points... Got la but no time to pen it in)

Anyhow, still managed 4 pages with the 2.5points and a conclusion(crapped shit).

Idky so long?! Why??!!


It quality work ok a bit lack in quantity la.

It was really hard to choose between quality and quantity at that moment, I swear.

P2 was ok ba. Except maybe screwed up vocab qns......

is it too much to ask for a D and above? I really hope it is the AND ABOVE part.

Last thing, every time I think of Chen, I will feel DAMN depressed.

I've to be less careless for god sake.