The internet is like an iceberg.

Facebook, The hidden tiger
Yes, not the big ass tiger in your face. The HIDDEN one wth.

Highlight below to see answer. Save you the trouble to google it.
It's the freaking 'the hidden tiger' printed on the tiger's body which also functions as it's stripes.

Facebook is packed with random stuff like finding the tiger/cat/stories of this and that.. Not forgetting really nice/tumblr worthy pictures like the one below:

"awwwwwwwwww so cute!''
This baby is my destop picture now. SO CUTEEEEEEEE OMG I'M GOING TO DIE LOLLLL.

Anyhow, yc recommended me a.... not bad movie that is coming out very soon. After A levels anyone??!?!?

Gonna catch it after my last paper. *waves*
29nov helllllo :3

If you're interested, you can click here to check the MV song out. I don't find it addictive so I'm not going to embed here. Maybe I don't feel that way.....? 想追很喜欢的人可是没有 that kind of feeling? According to yc la. Too complex for my simplified mind to understand wtf hahaha.

xb shared with me a korean MV/song by brown eyed girls. He only showed me the first part.... it was okay but the second part literally/really/etc I can't think of words to paraphrase anymore. Yes I wasn't listening during GP hahahahha.

Part 1

Part 2. Must watch all the way! Although I can't understand lool.


Okay enough of this. Did you check out my post on food below? :3