How to: Oatmeal recipe

If I stay at home for the whole day, I would probably run about (my kitchen) to find food. If mum managed to prepare lunch before she leaves for work then fine. But, more often than not, she has to rush to work and here I am, hungry little girl.

As all of you know, laziness is inborn in yours truly. I can't even drag myself downstairs to grab food. Plus, I really don't like outside food.

So most probably I can see myself spamming random snacks/food to fill my stomach. And it's pretty common for me to either go hungry (because I finished all the food I feel like eating) or just fix some instant noodles.

In fact, I really like instant noodles. Okay. That explains my hair fall and such. I know it's not very healthy blahblahblah. But going hungry is a really painful process.

Recently, I began fixing something else instead of instant noodles! *pats back*

It's really nice! Look the penguin wants it too ^^

Everyday when I reach home (that is before dinner), I'd fix a bowl of this to fill my empty stomach. Say hi to healthier/filling snack.

Oats are:
  •  really easy to prepare.
  • Fill my hungry stomach (it's a traditional porridge in Scotland). So you can replace rice for this if you want to go all healthy/diet? It's a temporary measure. Heheee I wouldn't do it because I'm a rice-person. Like R-I-C-E IS MY LIFE.
  • good because babies/toddlers eat them ( it's filled with nutrients and etc! )
  • Not to mention the health benefits like.... lowering of cholesterol. Yes, I read it from wiki.
  • They come in a big pack and if you're afraid you can't finish them, try this:

Bubzbeauty: Oatmeal cleanser

She is one of my favourites now (thanks to sw). But anyhow, her videos are sooooo inspiring and really nice. Share some of my favourites with you guys very soon ^w^

What you need:

  1. Oats (Rolled/instant does not matter)
  2. Milk 
  3. Condensed milk (optional)
  4. Sugar (optional)


It's SO easy I'm ashamed to share.

1. Heat up the stove with some water. Not too much because you can add more if it's not enough.
2. Add sufficient amount of oat. I can't give you the exact measurements and such. I just base on my hunger level.
3. Cook with medium fire (?) Make sure it's not too dry if not it'll stick to your pot. Not too much water too.
4. Add condensed milk (not too much if you're going for a healthier snack. I normally leave it out but it's so good if you add a bit of this)
5. Milk. Spam if you like. Note, if you wish to add more milk, reduce the amount of water used.
6. Leave it to boil for a while.
7. Remove and serve when the oats are soft.
8. Optional: Add a little sugar. 

It's all try and error.
Something to caution: Do not attempt to follow the instructions on the packaging! I followed and added salt hahahahhaa (I really read salt). It ended up in the dustbin.

I foresee a healthier jl in the near future. With thicker hair.