I mean, I USED to feel very............ uncomfortable, suffocating whenever I hear something negative that might (or might not) be referring to me. No, I didn't eavesdrop xoxo.

For instance, when you walked past a group of people, they burst out laughing.

"did I do something stupid?"
"something on my face?"
"did I stain my skirt?"
"did I...."

Familiar? I believe it is almost instant for one to associate their sudden laughter to yourself, no?
Why? Because when we are with our khakis, we do it all the time. Laughing at weirdos, stupid acts etc. That is why when you are all alone and when this scenario replays, your marvellous brain will remind you of similar experience. Well, just that this time you are the weirdo.

You will probably feel insecure, feel naked and vulnerable.


Some people brushed it off easily. (Even if they know they are laughed at)

To be frank, I really salute these type of people. It is really not an easy task to let go of other peoples' criticism.

But, there's really no point to make yourself feel all miserable because of their careless remarks my dear!

This is perhaps what I would tell myself every time I'm upset.

"maybe he/she is not laughing at your dress"
"perhaps he/she is calling someone else fat (maybe even him/herself"
"it is just someone else"

Call it self-delusion, but it is much better than kicking a big fuzz.

Take deep breaths and think of bunnies running around in soft, green grass, think of your favourite food, think of tumblr funny pictures or if not, paint a mental picture of that person/people and shoot them with staples... whatever that can make you happier.



Every time when I managed to not let a stupid comment get me, I will feel stronger (not physically hohoh if not I'll start developing muscles). I realised in fact overcoming all the insecurities is not THAT hard. It is really the hurdle in you, your fickle minded mind.

It's all about mental strength people! 

I believe so, agree?
 SEE?! Even tumblr says so! and 64k other people agreed (since they reblog this)
letting go of many things... Like how other people act, speak or even insult.
I find life like this much more... happier. lighter. Not caring about what other people think/say about me.... (But hor don't start shooting me ^^)

When you hear something that is not exactly pleasant to your ears or see something you feel like dying, get over it. Like, let it fade. let it fade.

Are you happier now? :D