In case you miss me :3

Headed to the library on Saturday for some studying. Weeee I need to work harder/faster! Okay that's all.
Had mac for lunch yes fats I know you can't bear to leave my chubby thighs~

You wait. :D

Super active in twitter/msn just now. It has been sooooooo long since I last chatted on msn/at the least typed like crazy. Tap tap tap yesss I miss typing on the keyboard.

Watched a movie wl recommended. REALLY NICE. LIKE REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY NICE. Share with all of my cute people tomorrow. Re watched a Jap movie (I believe I blogged about it before). Just in case you're wondering, it is - I give my first love to you. Very cute. Linked it from youtube when I was loading the movie. Hohooo.

Alright, time to start work now and continue online shopping in a while.