Home cooked meals

I feel really sad for people with families that don't cook. Regardless of what is served everyday, you should feel happy. I don't know, but I'm strongly for eating at home.

Every time I heard of friends that rarely eat at home, I really feel like whipping a meal or two for them. Like really want to. 

Nothing beats home cooked meal, promise. 

Hahaaaaa I really like cooking for people I love. So await for some good food after my A levels baby girls/boys. ^^

On the contrary, I'm super lazy and I don't cook all the time at home. (because people here, my family in short, will take you for granted and shove the cooking dinner task in your face. No gratitude never mind. But at least finish it can?)

/PS, that was just in case you thought I'm those super xian shu nv ren aka housewife.


Oh well, I remembered something that sort of fits me

I think home cooked meals = love. Cooking IS a chore and I really appreciate people preparing meals (especially really good dishes) for me when I got home from work. Heart warming, no?

At some point of my life, I really wish to meet a chef and perhaps marry him or something. But, someone told me chefs usually don't cook at home because they have been cooking all day long for people to eat.... and they are freaking tired to cook dinner.Whattttt? Cook for cute wifey cannot???

So.... I guess I better drop that idea....
Anyhow, here's my plan B: A successful businessman that earns million of buckzz yet he secretly has a fetish for cooking. Awesome? Yay. ^^