Hi I removed the picture again. Forget it I'll just be penguin. ^^

Hi, I like my eye colour... Frankly speaking, I think they are really good (LOL).... But well, I'm literally blind without specs and I can't wear clear lens (maybe I'd explain next time)

I ordered a lot of stuff from gmarket hohohoooooo when the initial plan was just to grab screen protector for my phone (finally planning to get it).
I've been floating around without any sort of communication device and I guess my sister is sick of me taking her phone to check on my tweets.
I know it is plain weird because I'm getting all its accessories even before I get the phone. Welllllll.
Anyhow, shipping takes a while too, no?

Slacking too much omg time to eat (lunch at this timing lollolll) and start essays.. Damn.

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