Contacting me

Are you sick of calling my house or relying on the not at all reliable twitter to contact me? Are you sick of trying to differentiate who is at the other end of the line?

If you ain't, i am.
I am sick of worrying about being lost in the middle of nowhere or caught up in stupid situations without possible source of help you know.
Will blog about what happened yesterday and today. It's a mixture of good and bad things.

Now im contactable via text. So text me text me. I've attached my new number in the picture. Learn to decode via the example given. I was thinking how can I tell all of you the number(since I dont have a contact list). The only number I remember is sm and Joel. Hur right. Maybe zz and sw too. I am trying my best to memorise phone numbers again... You don't know how hard it is for me to memorise some people... (like wl's)
Back to the topic: I dont know how to inform you people you can contact me via this new number and I don't want to post the number up in any social platforms. I don't want retards spamming my phone(did happen to me before fml lol) so I came up with this code thing! Only my friends would have my old number so they deserve to know the new one too!(:(:

But if you want my new number and can't decode the puzzle, tweet/msn/fb me!
Quite indigenous plan right! no?

I don't have you people numbers so you can take the initiative to text me first to report your identity. Xoxo at least I can copy it down somewhere .

Going to bring my iPhone to fix already. Yea been saying the same thing over and over again.. I know right ain't you sick of it? Hehehh.

Never mind, in case you need to contact me urgently, pls use that number tq!

Say yay because I made your life easier!

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