In front of the camera

I probably don't have time to do my hair before CNY. Really a giant procrastinator in every single thing lol. 
So it's really long now. And I didn't realise how black it looks. I hate long straight hair with a straight cut. Straight cut ugh. Went to 2 separate salons and requested for a different cut (V/curved/U/anything other than straight) but both of the stylists gave me the same straight cut again wtf. Last time there for both salons. I really don't understand why stylists don't listen. I think straight cut only looks good for shorter hair.


First week of school hmm. New timetable with a lot of breaks, a lot more alone time (good and bad) and basically a lot more work. No big deal, at least I don't have to worry about bringing food to the table yet. I shall selfishly enjoy the freedom school gives me. Before the burden falls on me yeah yeah. 

Today I was feeling adventurous so I set up my tripod. 

Adjust the tripod > adjust the setting > adjust the lighting > adjust the self-timer > try to find my angle > realise I don't have one because I'm a fat girl > give up after 50 shots or something

At least... I'm still quite good with selfies that only involve my big face hahahhaah.

I'm still very chubby oh god. Must pull my mat out for some exercise tomorrow. Ohoh My neck looks weird? Now I feel damn conscious when I'm doing the camel pose hahahaa.