The milk is spilled

Here is my midweek quick update. 2 more weeks of work = last 2 weeks of holiday. Time stops for no man indeed. 

Headed to town last Saturday to search for new shoes, perfume and wallet, aka things that make me happy. I can't find joy in life these days; maybe I overworked/too stressed??  

Didn't get anything but at least I tried a few good scents. New scents make me excited haha!

Desserts at TCC before KFC dinner. Tried the holy fish fillet for the first time and I'm pretty neutral about it. 

Oh here's the very ugly 'dark devotion' dessert we had in TCC. 

Craving not satisfied, I don't like it.

Weekdays are just work/tuition/more work. I barely have time to catch enough sleep, less to say blog/stalk people/watch dramas. Sorry peeps.

I guess you have enough of my nonsense. Till then my people!

Note to self: Don't put your own happiness on the line.